EVs for Solo Acoustic Musicians

Times are always changing, technology is always improving, and in this exciting time of 2023, I wanted to write this blog to detail how an Electric Vehicle is fit for the use of the Solo Acoustic Musician.


This spring it was finally time to make a decision on a new car. Used or new? traditional engine, hybrid, or electric? Car, SUV, or truck? 


For the last 10 years, I have been driving pickup trucks. I always liked how roomy they were in the cabin, and the ability to stretch out in there. I really loved the old smoker-windows in the 90’s F-150’s, I don’t smoke, but those windows were better than any AC fan 10 years ago.


I decided to sell my Nissan Frontier privately because it was financially better for me and the buyer to skip the dealership. 


Once I got that truck sold, a very good friend of mine let me drive his prius. It had 270K miles on it! It drove awesome and I loved it. It probably saved me $200 in gas over the 5 weeks I drove it. 


Prius costs are high because they maintain value, and save the driver money. With gas prices seemingly near $4 a gallon again, I can see why.


I drive 20,000 miles a year to perform about 150-200 gigs in over 5 states. I decided efficiency is the way to go for my commuting style. 


This all guided me in my decision to buy a Chevy Bolt. We went with the EUV version, since it is a little bigger. I can fit all of my equipment in it, it covers my range of gigs, and is fun to drive. Most of my shows are local to Branford, CT, which is great. I grew up in Rhode Island though, and I still play there a few times a month, which requires travel time. So do gigs in New York, and Massachusetts that I can't turn down. 


Electric cars make the public nervous – and I mean, I’m still a little nervous, so I’m sharing my experience with The Bolt.


It's Labor day weekend. A busy time for us SAM’s. So far in the 2 months that I have been driving the Bolt, I have driven 4300 miles. I just want to show how its been so far vs my truck.


Nissan Frontier Gas & Oil change to run 4300 miles @ $3.80 a gallon: $917


Chevy Bolt Electricity AND car payment costs to go 4300 miles: $1115 ( $460 a month x 2 months car payment and $205 in Electricity costs)


So basically, by purchasing the EV, I'm paying essentially the same that I am in car payment AND electricity to cover the same gas and oil expenditures in my old truck. That $7500 tax credit will be nice next spring too, and so was the $4250 in incentives from the state of Connecticut and the Federal Government to buy it. 


Did climate change weigh into this decision? Yes it did. My Nissan Emitted roughly 45 tons of carbon over the 5 years I drove it. My Bolt should cut that by about 25 tons. Lithium battery mining is carbon intense and uses 16 tons per battery produced. This isn't the cure to climate change, but I’m glad we are moving in the right direction. 90% of the energy from my supplier (constellation) is from non-carbon emitting sources (mostly nuclear). 



So far I love the Bolt. It's fun to drive and is a great work car for me. I take advantage of tons of free charging, I get more range than I signed up for because of my driving style, and it's a little better for everyone all around. It's gonna be exciting taking it to Florida, where I gig for the winter. I can't wait to share more of my travels. What are your thoughts? 


Here's my Bolt getting a free charge in Narragansett at a show last week. No ones ever at those chargers, and I got 130 free miles added during my gig!

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